“Cultwo show” Kim Joon-ho talked about #Stock #Character Business #IU

Kim Joon-ho showed off his comedian-like talk.

Comedian Kim Joon-ho and Koyote Backga appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” which aired on the 11th. Comedian Park Sung-kwang was a special DJ.

As soon as he came in, Kim Jun-ho asked, “Is this a visible radio?”
DJ Kim Tae-kyun replied, “No, I don’t feel good when Kim Joon-ho comes in.”

“Stocks are now down 0.7 percent,” said Kim Joon-ho. The day before yesterday also fell. I don’t do coins. I don’t think I should do it. “I’m restraining myself,” he replied, drawing laughter.

“I bought bio shares,” Kim Jun-ho said to Kim Tae-kyun, who asked what shares he had. I think it’s because the Corona is getting better. It’s good that Corona is getting better, but the stock is falling,” he said.

He then talked about Kim Joon-ho’s character business. Kim Tae-kyun said, “Isn’t Kim Joon-ho doing a lot of business? “What kind of business have you been doing recently?”

“I’m in the character business,” said Kim Joon-ho. It’s a cat character who thinks it’s a tiger. I thought it was against Pengsoo. “Now I see it as Ryan’s opponent.

When Park Sung-kwang laughed, Kim Joon-ho expressed his affection for the business, saying, “The father should have pride in his child.”

“I like the character because there are no scandals and no accidents,” Kim Jun-ho said. “Matsu’s song recently came out. I put my voice in. The person inside is a secret. Kim Joon-ho said, “In ‘My Little Old Boy’, the rain was a little salty. But I thought I could do this much,” he said, drawing laughter. He also promised Kim Joon-ho that he would help the Children’s Day event if he had a character by next year.

There was also a story about Kim Joon-ho’s junior love. Kim Tae-kyun said he recently heard that Hong Yun-hwa and Kim Min-ki gave him a bed present.

“Yes, I forgot to make a bed for you when we got married. “But I got a call from Yoon-hwa because she was disappointed,” he said, confessing the background of the gift, adding, “I don’t do that to my family either.

When Kim Tae-kyun said, “I am famous for being a celebrity who buys food well,” Park Sung-kwang said, “That’s true. You can stop buying it for me.”

Kim Joon-ho also revealed an anecdote about meeting IU. When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Have you met anyone by chance at a restaurant or something like this?” Kim Jun-ho said, “There is.” It was a tall person. I was holding a guitar. “It was IU.

When Park Sung-kwang asked back, “Is IU tall?” Kim Joon-ho explained, “I felt tall then.” Kim Jun-ho said, “You came to say hello to me. He said he came to say hello because he was here. “I wondered if he was a fan of mine.” Then the other cast drew a line saying that they just came to say hello, drawing laughter.

Park Sung-kwang then revealed a heartwarming anecdote, saying, “In fact, when BTS was a rookie, I bought him a meal.”

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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