‘Flame Boy’ Lee Ji-hye “My acting? I am satisfied”

Lee Ji-hye said she was satisfied with her performance.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘Flame Boy’ aired on the 10th, Cha In-pyo gave a one-on-one acting lesson to the main character, coach Lim(Lim Yoon-chang), a health trainer as a short film director.

On this day, MC Lee Ji-hye watched Cha In-pyo’s lesson and said, “It’s easy to say, but it’s not good. Breathing is at the tip of the chin,” she said, making acting difficult.

To this, Lee Mi-do asked, “Didn’t you also try acting?”

Then, Kim Sook ordered him to join the group saying, “Don’t talk about acting in front of Ji-hye,” and Lee Ji-hye said, “What’s wrong with my acting? I’m satisfied.” She shuddered.

Kim Sook said, “It is not yet known whether she is crying or smiling,” referring to Lee Ji-hye’s robot acting scene, which became a hot topic on social media.

After realizing that the main character of the meme was Lee Ji-hye, Choi Ye-na, a former member of IZ*ONE, was surprised and revealed her fan spirit.

Lee Ji-hye trembled, saying, “I’ll sign you when it’s over” and Choi Ye-na said, “It’s a real honor. I’ve seen it a lot,” she said, making everyone laugh.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| tvN ‘Flame Boy’ Captured
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