Lee Ji-hye “Second pregnancy, morning sickness is difficult, but I ‘cryed’ after seeing the ultrasound”

Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye said she lost weight due to morning sickness after her second pregnancy.

On the 10th, Lee Ji-hye can’t live because of her brother on YouTube channel. In a video titled ‘Messy Bean Noodles, Making Tangmoban’ by Ji-hye and Tae-ri,’ she told how she has been suffering from morning sickness.

In the video, Lee Ji-hye showed her husband worried, saying, “I lost weight because of morning sickness.”

The husband then said, “There are so many things I want to eat these days.
There’s a fruit I want to eat these days,” said Lee Ji-hye, “I’m having a hard time with morning sickness. You said you were having a hard time because of morning sickness. “Why don’t you listen to me?” the couple said.

Lee Ji-hye also told an anecdote about her recent visit to see ultrasound. “I saw the ultrasound picture yesterday and it made me emotional. My brain is shining, but life has come to life.”

“We are now heading for the ninth week after the eighth week of pregnancy.
“We have to be careful because it’s still early. In response, the husband drew laughter from those who said, “The good thing about me is that my wife’s morning sickness is that I often order food and can’t eat it, so I eat it instead.”

Lee Ji-hye married her husband, Moon Jae-wan, a tax accountant, in 2017 and has a daughter, Moon Tae-ri. She recently announced her second pregnancy on SBS entertainment show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 You Are My Destiny.”

[Ha Seobin, Star Today intern reporter]

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