‘Meoseon 129’ Kang Ho-dong, 3 straight wins… 12,000 hot dogs

Kang Ho-dong won the match against Lee Jong-hyeong, the chairman of the franchise ‘Myeongrang Hot Dog’, and won.

In Kakao TV’s original web entertainment ‘Meoseon 129’, which was released on the 10th, Kang Ho-dong competed with Chairman Lee Jong-hyung for his pride as Kakao TV’s CSO (Chief Subscriber Officer) and prizes for 12,000 subscribers.

Prior to the match, the order of the ticking was determined. The person who increased the cheese of the Myeongrang Hot Dog a lot decided to take the first step. The ‘Myeongrang Hot Dog’ team increased the cheese by 3m, and the ‘Meoseon 129’ increased the cheese by 3.1m, and ‘Meseon 129’ took the first chance.

Boo Seungkwan danced and cheered for Seventeen’s ‘Nice’. Kang Ho-dong, who received the support, confidently exclaimed, ‘Challenge!’, but soon became burdened by saying, “I am lonely.”

Kang Ho-dong recalled the taste he had passed at once in the confrontation with Binggrae, but failed to attack. The tension flowed and the turn of Chairman Lee Jong-hyung came. Even though Chairman Lee Jong-hyung struck with all his might, Kang Ho-dong’s ticket did not pass.

Then, Ho-Dong Kang and Jong-Hyeong Lee, both chairman of the board, failed to pass the ticket. After seeing Lee Jong-hyung’s failure, Vice Chairman Seung-kwan said, “The hit rate is the worst.”

Kang Ho-dong started the third challenge while crying, “It’s really difficult.” As Chairman Lee Jong-hyung’s ticket stood and passed, Kang Ho-dong roared loudly and rolled over the floor. Then he knelt down and raised his hands above his head, waving in joy. As a result, Kang Ho-dong won 1000 Myeongrang Hot Dog Hot-bokki, 1000 Rosé Hot-bokki, 5,000 Potato Hot Dogs, and 5,000 Mocha Mapguma, and received 12,000 prizes.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Captured from Kakao TV’s ‘Mer Sun 129’
[ⓒmottokorea All rights reserved]

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