Park Myung-soo, “Kang Ho-dong’s son Si-hoo, received his DNA and has good strength and brain” (Radio Show)

Park Myung-soo. Photo|Star Today DB

Broadcaster Park Myung-soo mentioned about Kang Ho-dong’s son Si-hoo, who is active as a child pro golfer.

In the ‘Search N Chart’ corner of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’, which was broadcast on the 11th, Jeon Min-ki, the team leader of the Korea Insight Institute appeared.

Team leader Jeon Min-ki said, “I read yesterday’s article that the fact that Kang Ho-dong’s son is active as a golfer is becoming a hot topic.”

DJ Park Myung-soo praised him, saying, “After all, he has his father’s DNA, so he’s strong and smart, so he’ll do well in self-discipline.”

Kang Ho-dong’s son, Si-hoo, was introduced as one of the elementary school players by making a surprise appearance on the 10th broadcast of ‘MBN Comprehensive News’ about the dream golf tournament. Si-hoo attracted attention with his size and power comparable to that of an adult.

Si-hoo, who is in 6th grade in elementary school, said, “If (the driver) fits well, I can go 230-240m.” He said, “I want to become a player like Tiger Woods.”

Kang Ho-dong married his wife Lee Hyo-jin, who is 9 years younger than him, in 2006, and had a son, Si-hoo in 2009.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]
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