The government relaxed guidelines for social distancing… From the 14th, the concert can accommodate 4,000 people.

Trot and Singer Gain national tour concert poster. Provided by Showplay

Popular music performances will resume under the government’s guidelines from the 14th.

According to the announcement made by the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Company Headquarters), pop music performances, which had been closed for a long time, will resume abruptly.

Unlike other genre performances, all popular music performances have been impossible, but as the performance can be carried out on condition of complying with government-mandated quarantine guidelines, it has escaped from the equity problem that has been raised.

The current social distancing phase (capital area 2, non-capital area 1.5)” was deliberated through three rounds of meetings with the Central Accident Management Headquarters, the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Afterwards, discrimination between popular music performances and other performances will be completely abolished. It is expected to help revitalize stagnant pop music performances and festivals on the premise of compliance with the rules.

At the heart of the reform plan is to follow the basic quarantine rules thoroughly. The performance can only begin if quarantine rules are followed properly. Wearing a mask inside the concert hall is a must, and if you take off your mask, you can be sent off. Also, all salivary activities, such as standing, shouting, chanting, and chanting, are prohibited. If he violates this, he will be forced to leave.

In order to minimize contact between individuals not only inside the concert hall but also outside, gatherings of more than four people are prohibited, so all group actions such as sharing goods, group cheering, and events are impossible. In addition, joint quarantine rules such as checking QR codes (using electronic access), keeping hand sanitizers, prohibiting food intake, ventilation, and disinfection should be followed along with basic quarantine.

Until now, popular music performances had no exact guidelines, so the performance had to be canceled or postponed, and the concert could only be held using a method called classical or cross-over. This has encouraged expediency on the grounds that there is no accurate guideline within the same genre as well as discrimination between performance genres.

Regarding the government announcement, industry officials are generally welcoming the fact that it has created a limited, but not limited, way to proceed with popular music performances, and that it has partially resolved discrimination from other genres.

According to the reorganization plan, if the performance is held within an extended period until July 4, the number of visitors will be limited to 4,000 and the performance should be conducted under thorough quarantine. It can also be confirmed that the new social distancing reform plan, which will take effect from July 5, will monitor compliance with quarantine guidelines and infections at venues over the next three weeks and further ease the standards. As it is a difficult pop music performance, it is time for the cast, staff, production companies, and audiences to follow thorough quarantine guidelines.

For example, the performance production company Show Play held a “Mr. Trot” concert safely last year without a single confirmed person among 110,000 audiences, artists and staff. The success of the “Mr. Trot” concert was possible with the mature civic awareness of audiences who followed basic quarantine rules and concert hall guidelines. It was an example of a large-scale concert that audiences and performance officials showed that it could be carried out healthily and safely if the quarantine guidelines were followed well.

As a result, performances such as “Mr. Trot” concert, “Sing Again” concert, and “Beautiful Mint Life,” which will be held from June, will be held without delay or cancellation of the performance from the 14th.

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