‘Transferring Love’ Did the lovers who broke up meet again? Teaser video ‘The Eye’

TVING’s new original ‘Transferring Love’ is drawing strong sympathy with a teaser video that contains everything from the mild taste of parting to the spicy taste.

TVING’s new original ‘Transferring Love’ is a love reality program in which couples who broke up for various reasons gather to look back on their past love and find a new one. A lot of interest is being drawn even before the release, as it foretells a new form of dating reality that breaks the existing frame.

In the midst of this, the two teaser videos, divided into mild and spicy, contain various situations where various men and women appear and meet with their ex after a breakup.

First, the woman in the spicy taste video reads ‘My ex-lover’s introduction to my X’. Then, when she asked someone why, ‘I wonder why I came here,’ she starts to cry sad tears in the car alone. I wonder what happened.

On the other hand, in the mild taste teaser, they meet their lover after a long time and honestly ask questions that they might be curious about at least once. From a man who asks if he has met good men after breaking up with him, to a woman who asks, “Have you been in a relationship since…?”

As such, in the teaser video for ‘Transferring Love’, through the people who met their ex after a breakup, they are drawing various scenes that everyone has experienced at least once. In just 15 seconds, you can feel the specialness of the love reality that only ‘Transferring Love’ has enough to shake your heart, greatly raising your expectations for the first public release.

TVING’s love reality program ‘Transferring Love’, which will be a love stop for separated couples, will be released for the first time as TVING’s original version on Friday, June 25th.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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