‘Unanswered Questions’, the mystery of Kang Min-cheol’s disappearance

‘Unanswered Questions’ explores the disappearance of Kang Min-cheol, which occurred in 2010 but has not been resolved so far.

A man who suddenly disappeared one day.

Monday, April 12th, 2010. Kang Min-cheol left home wearing a black shirt, jeans and a white jacket, wearing brown shoes. Working at a clothing store, he went to work as usual that day, and left work after 9 p.m. He reportedly informed his wife by text message that he was going to meet Park (a pseudonym) who was the owner of a clothing store.

Unfortunately, however, that was the last call from her husband, Kim (an alias) Choi Sung-ja, the mother who was more worried than anyone else when the news of Kang Min-chul’s disappearance became known to her family. Choi, who cared so much about his youngest son, couldn’t believe Min-cheol’s disappearance and wanted to return home as soon as possible. But a day later, two days later, the son didn’t show up. Eleven years later, Kang Min-cheol is still missing. What happened to 36-year-old Kang Min-cheol that day?

Clues to the disappearance of her son, found by her mother.

The mother Choi thought the accident might have happened, but she decided to believe that the news was lost for a while after hearing from her daughter-in-law Kim, who may have intentionally disappeared because of financial problems with her son at the time. One day, as the waiting time passed, her mother Choi visited her daughter-in-law at the house where her son and his wife lived because she had a strange idea when she couldn’t reach her daughter-in-law, Kim.

But there were other people living there. His daughter-in-law, Kim, moved without telling Min-cheol’s mother. In addition, her mother Choi confirmed that her husband Min-cheol moved four months after he went missing. Choi, who was searching for the whereabouts of his daughter-in-law Kim, encountered a surprising secret at his daughter-in-law’s house, where Park, who was the owner of the clothing store where his son worked, was staying with his daughter-in-law Kim. What is the relationship between Kim and CEO Park? Choi, the mother, believed the two were related to her son’s disappearance and asked the police to investigate.

The investigation was conducted three years after the disappearance.

A full-fledged police investigation will be conducted into the disappearance of Kang Min-cheol, who was identified as a simple runaway by his mother Choi’s efforts. Unfortunately, it was three years after the missing persons were reported. Police, who have opened up the possibility that Min-cheol’s disappearance may be related to a violent case, arrest the suspect on suspicion of murdering Kang Min-cheol shortly after.

The suspect was President Park, who Min-cheol worked with. He is also believed to be the last person Kang Min-cheol met before he disappeared. It was not easy three years after the incident, but the police investigated the traces of the past and eventually Park confessed that he accidentally killed Min-cheol. Based on President Park’s confession, the police went on a search to find Min-cheol’s body, but after several years, they could not find his body.

The confession that’s gone, the truth that’s gone.

In the end, Park was sent to the prosecution without finding any solid evidence or body, although he confessed. However, President Park, who was sent to the prosecution, reversed his confession, saying that his confession to the police was a lie under coercion.

Eventually, the investigation went back to square one and Min-cheol, the victim of the murder, was again missing. Did Choi really make a false confession under duress? Also, did Kim know nothing about her husband Min-cheol’s disappearance? Eleven years after her disappearance, the 80-year-old mother is still waiting for even a small trace of her son’s life and death. Is President Park the last witness or the prime suspect? Who knows the truth and hides it?

In “Unanswered Questions,” which will air at 11:10 p.m. on the 12th, Kang Min-cheol’s disappearance in 2010 will be reviewed by analyzing statements about reversed confessions and tracking alibi of key figures. Furthermore, we are considering whether there is a way to solve many long-term missing persons cases by investigating them more actively.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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