015B 30th anniversary… Yoon Jong-shin’s ‘On an Empty Street’ remake

015B. Provided by The Gongil Obi

Producer group 015B will remake their debut song ‘On an Empty Street’ with Yoon Jong-shin to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut.

015B released their debut album ‘On an Empty Street’ in 1990, and Yoon Jong-shin, who participated in singing as a guest singer, also made his debut through this song. 015B and Yoon Jong-shin, who debuted together, have continued their music activities until now, releasing their own music, and sometimes collaborating to continue their friendship.

This remake of ‘On an Empty Street’ was held in 2020 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut, even with a sound source, considering the time situation when they were unable to perform due to COVID-19, etc.

015B. Provided by The 015B

The remake focused on maximizing the sound and sensibility of the time. It is said that the arrangement, such as the composition of instruments and the composition of the song, was tried to be the same as the original song as much as possible, and the noise in the original song was reproduced as closely as possible.

An official from 015B said, “In 1989, while recording ‘On an Empty Street’, both 015B and Yoon Jong-shin were amateurs, but if you listen to the self-remake by professional musicians in the 31st year of 2021 compared to the original song, many emotions will cross.”

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