‘At that time I decided to become myself’ CEO Hwang Seong-jae, from last to becoming the inventor king

Follow the footsteps of an inventor who changed his daily life in tvN’s Insight People & Success documentary “Then I Decided to Be Me” Season 2 (directed by Park Hee-baek, Park So-yeon).

In the second episode of “Then I Decided to Be Me,” which will air on the 14th, Hwang Sung-jae, CEO of retail tech startup, will appear. It will introduce robot technology to offline spaces where there was no innovation and unveil the full story that led to innovation.

Retail technology is a combination of retail and technology, which means retail stores, and is emerging as a major keyword of the fourth industrial revolution.
Hwang’s retail tech startup, which was founded in 2019, is leading the development of technologies that can be used in real life by commercializing barista robots that make drip coffee and ice cream robots that make ice cream.

Hwang, who is a former engineering startup representative, raises expectations by heralding a more cinematic life story than a movie. It tells us the important choices that changed our lives and why the last student who neglected to study while developing his dream of becoming a comedian and singer in middle school and high school made such choices until he accidentally fell in love with invention and grew up as a young innovator.

Hwang, who applied for more than 100 patents and transferred more than 30 patents while attending KAIST, is expected to draw attention by conveying in detail his vision of turning the space into technology after defeating large companies and faculty proposals. The insight of MC Jae-jae, who calls Hwang a “prophet looking into the future,” and asks questions from the eyes of the general public is also expected to add benefits.

Season 2 of “I Decided to Be Me,” which leaves young innovators once a month as a decisive moment in their lives, airs on the second Monday of every month.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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