China TV ‘Legend of Chu and Han’ and ‘The Long Ballad’ premiere today (14th)

On Zhonghua TV, ‘Legend of Chu and Han’ (Original title: 楚汉传奇, 80 episodes) and ‘The Long Ballad (Original title: 长歌行, 49 episodes)’ will be broadcasted for the first time today (14th) at 3 pm and 9 pm, respectively.

First of all, ‘Legend of Chu and Han’, which will be broadcast for the first time at 3 pm on the 14th (Mon), is a historical drama drama based on the classic novel ‘Cho Hanji’. After the fall of the Qin dynasty, the fierce battle between Liang Liu (Chen Daoming) and Hang-Woo (Hurundong), a hero of turbulence, to take over the world in an exciting way. With a total investment of 240 million yuan, ‘Legend of Chu and Han’, which has been praised as the essence of the long drama, was aired locally in 2012 and was also broadcast as a dubbed version in 2013 in Korea. Thanks to the support of Korean viewers, it is looking for domestic viewers again through Chinese TV after 8 years.

Next, ‘The Long Ballad’ will air its first episode on the 14th (Mon) at 9 PM. Shortly after the founding of the Tang Dynasty, ‘The Long Ballad’ tells the story of Lee Jang-ga (Dirlaba), who became the daughter of a traitor from Gongju overnight by her uncle Lee Se-min, who later became Taejong of the Tang Dynasty. In order to take revenge on her parents, she dresses as a man and runs away with the crown prince’s scepter on her back. It is expected that a fresh historical drama centered on female characters will give viewers a different kind of fun.

In particular, in ‘The Long Ballad’, Dire Love, who plays the role of Jangga, and Woo Rae, who plays the role of Ashreuk-jun, who helps her whenever she is in crisis, appear, raising expectations. Dire Lover, who has the modifier of ‘Continent Goddess’, boasts a unique visual even in a modest outfit, and presents rich emotional acting and perfect action. In addition, Wu Lei, who appeared as a child actor in the mid-drama ‘Rang Yabang’, which gained a lot of popularity in Korea, received favorable reviews for her successful acting transformation through ‘The Long Ballad’.

On the 15th (Tuesday), 2MC Kim Il-joong and Chae-kyung’s ‘Happy Now’ sound source from 2MC’s ‘Happy Now’ will be released by China TV ‘Weekly China’, which solves hot issues in China by ranking. ‘Happy Now’, sung by Kim Il-joong and Chae-kyung, is a song that conveys the confession and promise that they will always be by your side. Chae-kyung and Kim Il-joong, who have a deep tone and perfect singing ability, radiate warm emotions and make the heart flutter. ‘Happy Now’, which the two sang together to commemorate the 200th ‘Weekly China’ in April, will be released on various music sites on the 15th (Tuesday), and all proceeds will be donated.

Starting on the 14th (Mon), ‘Legend of Chu and Han’ is broadcast twice every Monday-Friday at 3 pm on Chinese TV. ‘The Long Ballad’ is broadcast 1 and 2 times consecutively at 9 pm on the 14th (Mon), and then airs once every Monday through Friday at 10 pm on Chinese TV.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

PhotoㅣChunghwa TV

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