‘Day to Eat Out’ Lee Seung-yoon “I ate honey noodles in nature. But, it brought headache”

Lee Seung-yoon of “Day to Eat Out” told a dizzying story about honey noodles.

In the recent SBS FiL entertainment program “Day to Eat Out,” MC Kim Joon-hyun introduced Lee Seung-yoon and said, “I got off at the rest stop when I went to the concert with Lee Seung-yoon, but I couldn’t move.” “The mother and father of the rest area are all natural people,” he said.

Kim Joon-hyun asked, “I also watch a lot of natural programs and eat a lot of unique food,” and Lee Seung-yoon opened his mouth by saying, “It’s honey noodles.”

He said, “A man whom I met for broadcast put honey in the noodles to treat me since I’m here. But I spilled half a bottle of honey. I had a headache while eating noodles. It was so sweet,” he said. “The natural doll was really upset by that look. “He suddenly knelt down and said sorry when he ate Je-guksu,” he said, giving of an anecdote.

Regarding the food eaten in nature, Lee Seung-yoon added, “It’s delicious whatever you eat because the environment is in nature there.”

“Day to Eat Out,” starring Lee Seung-yoon and enjoying the tastes of the city such as oven pizza & pasta, cheese instant tteokbokki and rose chicken, will air on SBS FiL at 9 p.m. on the 15th, and will be available on SBS MTV at 8 p.m. on the 16th and SBS Biz at 7:55 p.m. on the 20th.

[Dagyeom Lee, Star Today reporter]

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