‘Love Master’ Seo In-young talked about her romance type… “Drunkness and bare face revealed first”

Singer Seo In-young reveals her anti-war romance.

Seo In-young will appear on SBS Plus and Channel S’s entertainment program ‘Love Master’, which will be broadcast on the 15th.

In a recent recording, Seo In-young revealed her love affair by expressing her current relationship status as the biggest ‘dating off season’ in her life.

She said, “I hear people say ‘I’m better at men than I think'” and “When I have a boyfriend, I don’t do anything that he doesn’t like. I try to give him everything he wants. If he doesn’t want me to have a friends who are male, I don’t meet them for my boyfriend.”

This was not the only reverse love trend. Seo In-young said, “When I was young, I used to fight. If you don’t want to see each other for a long time because you don’t want to get hurt, go quickly. In the beginning of a relationship, it shows the shortcomings like a kind of test. It is to show alcoholism and bare face first.”

In addition, Seo In-young confessed that she gave home appliances, furniture, and even deposits to a bankbook as a gift to a boyfriend she met in the past.

Seo In-young, who revealed her love tendency and said she was in favor of premarital cohabitation, also revealed her serious thoughts about dating and marriage.

What is the reason for Seo In-young’s low season for love and whether or not she can end the low season by receiving a blind date arranged by the love master can be found on the 15th at 8:40 pm on ‘Love Master’

[Dagyeom Lee, Star Today reporter]

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