‘North Europe with Carrier’ Kim Yoon-ah “My favorite writer”…Who is it?

Jaurim Kim Yoon-ah delivers various stories and a love confession toward her favorite writer in “North Europe with Carrier”.

The entertainment program LG Hello Vision, LG U+ and The Life Channel “North Europe with Carrier”, which will air on the 14th, will unveil Kim Yoon-ah’s study, which is filled with books of various genres.

Kim Yoon-ah, who said she was a true fan of Northern Europe, was excited about the book story from the beginning, and said, “I brought only a quarter of the books I had,” in a study plastered with various books such as novels, poems, essays, fairy tales and drew admiration from 4MCs.

Kim Yoon-ah, an all-time legend in her 24th year since her debut, will release her favorite books, CDs inspired by her high school years, gifts filled with fans’ love, wedding photos and family albums for the first time.

In particular, Kim Yoon-ah reveals her “true love” for writers by revealing images that have never been seen before. The story of becoming a successful fan with sparkling eyes and saying, “My favorite is my favorite too,” cannot calm down.

In addition, Kim Hyung-kyu, the husband who is closest to Kim Yoon-ah, appears as a special guest and is known to release a book that made Kim Hyung-kyu pass Seoul National University’s dental school, drawing curiosity.

In addition, the story of Kim Yoon-ah’s childhood, who said, “I was a dark child,” and Kim Sook’s funny fan anecdotes will be released to color the small screen with laughter.

“North Europe with Carrier” is a book entertainment show where MC Song Eun-yi, Kim Sook, Yoo Se-yoon, and writer Kim Joong-hyuk send books that were asleep in celebs’ study to 12 regions across the country to fill one of the local libraries.

“North Europe with Carrier”, which awakens books from celebrity study to life books and stories contained in them, airs every Monday on LG HelloVision Channel 25, The Life Channel (LG Uplus 39, SKbtv 67, LG HelloVision 38), and U+TV and U+MobileTV.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

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