‘The Devil Judge’ Jinyoung, a premonition of the birth of a judge-based idol that captivates women

Jinyoung transforms into the only hope in the dystopian society.

The first still of Judge Jinyoung (played by Kim Ga-on) has been released on tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” (written by Moon Yoo-seok/directed by Choi Jung-kyu/produced by Studio Dragon, Studio & New), which will air at 9 p.m. on July 3, raising interest.

Kim Ga-on, who will be played by Jinyoung, is a judge of the trial court who leads a live court show in the drama, and is a person who pursues straight justice and truth with humanity in a dystopian society where power is corrupted and greed is rampant.

In particular, he is a character with a record of being a judge after hard work during his turbulent adolescence. As he has experienced rough winds, his courage and strength build up a tense confrontation by monitoring the suspicious actions of the devil judge forced him to take.

In addition, Kim Ga-on’s eye-catching visuals, as well as sharpness to the core during the trial, are attractive enough to thrill all women watching live court shows, making them as popular as idols.

Kim Ga-on’s colorful charm can be seen in the released photos. From Judge Bae’s dignified figure in a robe to the expression of a young man with a meaningful look on his eyes, the firm will is conveyed.

In addition, the appearance of Kim Ga-on surrounding a backpack and trying to get identification from a security guard and being lost in thought in modest clothes feels different from other people with colorful looks, raising expectations for what kind of wind Kim Ga-on will cause in the dystopian society.

The production team of “The Devil Judge” said, “Jinyoung is perfectly permeating the role of Kim Ga-on, who has good energy and rough rebellious temperament. Please pay attention to his deeper and more mature performance through “Devil Judge.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” delivers a message of justice through a live court show involving the entire nation against the backdrop of virtual dystopia Korea. It will be broadcasted for the first time at 9 p.m. on July 3 to answer, “Is the forced demon judge who appeared in the chaotic era a hero for everyone or a devil wearing a judge’s mask?”

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

photo ㅣ tvN

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