‘Afternoon Hope’ Twice Momo x Tzuyu x Chaeyoung “We worried about the lyrics + the new concept… Thank you for liking”

TWICE Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu told various stories related to the new song.

MBC FM4U’s “Afternoon Hope, I’m Kim Shin-young,” which aired on the 15th, featured TWICE’s Momo, Chae-young and Tzuyu, who made a comeback with their new song “Alcohol Free.” On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced, “I will be with TWICE Mo Chae-tz, who returned with a unique concept of refreshing.”

“It’s different from TWICE’s original color,” Kim Shin-young said about the new song. “TWICE’s music was very lively, but this time, it’s a very comfortable song to listen to.”

Chae-young said, “When we first heard it (new concept) I was worried, but I loved it. “If our summer music was exciting before, it’s a comfortable song to listen to this time.”

“The guide was the voice of the producer (Park Jin-young). After listening to the guide, all of our members liked it. “When I heard that we recorded it, I was worried because it felt different from producer Park Jin-young,” he said, adding that he liked “Alcohol Free” sung by producer Park Jin-young better.

Momo said, “The producer made it look good. That’s why our voices felt sad. I was worried if it would be okay.”

When Tzuyu said, “I was worried if the name of the drink goes with us when I entered the lyrics,” Chae-young said, “I thought the reaction would not be good because we were talking about alcohol.” “As a person who drank, I was rather into drinking,” said Kim Shin-young, easing TWICE’s worries.

Kim Shin-young asked about her favorite alcohol in the lyrics of the song.

“I’ve rarely tried it,” Chae-young said. “I haven’t tried all the tequila and mimosa,” he said. “I love wine.

Momo said, “I like mojito. “I tried it because I was curious about Mimosa this time, and it was delicious. I drank it for the first time because I was curious about the Mimosa cocktail in the lyrics.” “I made my own mojito myself. It was okay for the first time I made it.”

Tzuyu said she likes wine like Chaeyoung. “I feel distant (because I like wine),” said Kim Shin-young, giving a big smile.

“I filmed on the cart, and it was so high that I was scared,” Momo said in a behind-the-scenes video. There was nothing to support in the back, so it shook. “This was the first scene, and I was nervous and stiff,” he said. “I told my sisters to relax, saying they were scared, but I had a hard time because it didn’t work out.”

“It was the first time I had a long hair piece in the music video,” Tzuyu said. “I filmed with a piece on, and I got a lot of compliments.”

Chaeyoung said, “I filmed a scene of a fire bursting and it was so cold. The wind was strong because it was right in front of the sea. “It was cold at the end of April,” Tzuyu said. “It’s been a while since I took out my padded jacket.”

Lastly, Tzuyu said, “In fact, I was worried about our members this time, but I’m glad that they liked our performance.” “I can’t see ONCE in person during this promotion, but I can feel their support and strength.” “I will do well in the remaining activities.”

TWICE released its new mini-album “Taste of Love” on the 11th. The title track “Alcohol Free” is an attractive song that combines bossa nova with hip-hop sound, singing the magical moment of falling in love with “Twice Pyo New Summer Song” written and composed by Park Jin-young.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

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