Cho Soo-ae posted a photo with Park Seo-won…the end of the rumor of breakup?

Former announcer Cho Soo-ae released a photo of her relationship with her husband Park Seo-won.

On the 15th, Cho Soo-ae posted a photo on her Instagram, revealing the date “september, 2018.”

In the photo released, Cho Soo-ae and Park Seo-won are enjoying a date at the ballpark. The two sit side by side and take selfies, exuding the sweetness of their lovers. Cho Soo-ae showed off her affection by posting photos of her dating days with CEO Park Seo-won.

Former JTBC announcer Cho Soo-ae married Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, in December 2018, overcoming the 13-year-old age gap and had a son.

In August last year, Cho Soo-ae was embroiled in rumors of discord when she deleted Park Seo-won’s photo on SNS and canceled her follow-up. In March this year, he posted a photo of his son on his Instagram again, ending rumors of discord.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photo l Jo Soo-ae’s SNS

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