‘Doom at Your Service’ Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk, caught meeting in hospital… First meeting or reunion?

The hospital meeting, such as the first meeting between Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk, is captured, raising questions.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Doom at Your Service” (playwright Im Me-ari, director Kwon Young-il, planning & production Studio & New, Studio Dragon) unveiled the stills of Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) and Fall (Seo In-guk) ahead of the broadcast on the 15th.

In the last episode, yearning and falling spread excitement in the face of death with a more solid and affectionate romance. But for a while. When Dong-kyung saw Su-ja (Woo Hee-jin) sobbing at the fact that she was dying, she asked for help from the girl god (Jeong Ji-so), and the girl god offered to erase each other from the fate of longing and destruction. As a result, the question of whether Dong-kyung  accepted the suggestion of the girl god was raised.

Among them, the released still shows a meeting between Dong-kyung and the hospital of destruction, drawing attention. Dong-kyung cannot take its eyes off the face of destruction with its eyes round. Above all, the fall is wearing a doctor’s gown and holding onto the arms of yearning, and it reminds me of the first meeting where such a two-shot of the fall crossed like fate.

On the other hand, the fall looks at the back of the yearning. In the eyes and expressions of destruction, sad and lonely feelings are expressed, raising interest in whether the girl god erased each other from the longing and the memory of destruction, and the rapidly changing yearning and the fate of destruction.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Doom at Your Service” is a life-securing fantasy romance between “Destruction” who is the reason for everything disappearing, and a human “Dong-kyung” who risked his life not to disappear. It will air at 9 p.m. on the 15th.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]


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