‘Gayo Plaza’ Jeongbre, Fabre of the ner tube world said the world of insects

YouTuber Jungbre introduced useful information about insects.

KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eun-ji’s Music Plaza” aired on the 15th.In the square, insect YouTuber Jungbre appeared as a guest.

On this day, DJ Jung Eun-ji introduced Jungbre, saying, “He is a creator specializing in rare animals, and he is a Fabre in the YouTube world.” “I’m a YouTuber who loves living things,” Jungbre said.

“Bio YouTubers can be unfamiliar to people,” said Jung Eun-ji. Please introduce it briefly.

“We’re dealing with a lot of exotic animals,” Jungbre said. “It also introduces breeding methods for chameleons, scorpions and lizards, and introduces sick individuals. Jung Eun-ji asked, “Are you actually raising them?”

“We actually own an exotic animal shop,” Jungbre said. “There’s almost everything.” Jung Eun-ji said, “It’s so cool. I’m sure I’ll be one of the 980,000 subscribers. “Please press like and subscribe.”

Jung Eun-ji asked, “Do insects have a perception of their guardians?” “Somewhat intelligent snakes and lizards have a perception of their owners,” Jungbre said.

In response, Jung Eun-ji asked, “Have you ever been bitten or dizzy?” “There has been an accident once,” Jungbre said. “The lid came out briefly while moving the poisonous spider to the barrel, and I was bitten while catching a falling tarantula.” “Isn’t it a poisonous spider? Was it okay?” said Jung Eun-ji. “It was okay because I was bitten very slightly,” Jungbre said.

When Jung Eun-ji asked for the most memorable content, Jungbre told an anecdote about the rescue of the blind.

“It’s a protected species, and I heard thousands of them were trampled on the road,” Jungbre said. “These guys instinctively do something called mass migration, but they’re stuck there because they can’t jump from an artificial structure on the road. So I went there because I thought I’d rescue the insect. First I went alone and then I went with my subscribers.” When asked how many animals he rescued, Jung said, “It’s not accurate, but I rescued a lot of them and caught them and released them back to the wetland.”

Jeongbre also gave useful information about insects. When asked to recommend a creature that is easy to raise even beginners, Jeongbre said, “I like stag beetle or beetle.” It is possible only with jelly and sawdust. You should give me something like pudding with sugar. There is a jelly for insects. Jung Eun-ji said, “Is there jelly for insects?”

Jungbre that the first insect he raised was a beetle.

“It was a very interesting experience today,” Jungbre said.

Jungbre runs a YouTube channel called ‘The Creature Jungbr’. “The Creature Jungbre” is a channel that introduces rare animals and is loved by more than 980,000 subscribers.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photol KBS Visible Radio

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