Kim Nam-gil confirmed to appear in ‘Those who read the minds of evil’

Actor Kim Nam-gil has confirmed his casting as the main character Song Ha-young in “Those who read the minds of evil”, and continues his hard work.

SBS’ new drama “Those who read the minds of evil” (playwright Seol-na, director Park Bo-ram) is a crime thriller about profilers struggling to read the minds of serial killers at the peak of evil. It is based on a novel of the same name written in 2018 based on a true story by Kwon Il-yong, the No. 1 profiler in Korea, and writer Go Namu.

Actor Kim Nam-gil has decided to appear in “Those who read the minds of evil”, and is expected to make another big mark in the modifier “actors who trust and see.” Kim Nam-gil plays the role of Song Ha-young, a profiler who digs deeper into human beings than anyone else. He will lead a tense serial killer tracker, showing off his cool charisma and heavy acting breathing.

Kim Nam-gil’s power to show perfect synergy with Song Ha-young’s character based on his strong acting is drawing keen attention as he has shown an infinite spectrum across genre boundaries in numerous works such as the drama “The Fiery Priest”, “Queen Seondeok,” “The Shameless” and “The Pirates”.

SBS’ new drama “Those who read the minds of evil” will begin filming as soon as the casting is completed. Kim Nam-gil plans to continue his hard work by immediately filming his previously confirmed work after finishing filming “Those who read the minds of evil.”

Kim Nam-gil is also set to release films “Guardian” and “Declaration of Emergency” this year, and finished filming the movie “Nightly Night” in April. Expectations are high for his performance, which has continued his work without a gap.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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