Lee Chan-won X Kim Hee-jae, ‘Playheelisto’, held an online camping concert on July 9

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Singers Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae have released posters for camping concerts where they meet their fans face-to-face.

Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae stimulated fans’ excitement by releasing posters for the online camping concert “Playheelisto” on their official SNS in the morning of the 15th.

Earlier, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae raised fans’ expectations by surprisingly announcing a non-face-to-face camping concert with subscribers “Fling” on the web entertainment program “Playheelisto.”

On the poster released, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae, dressed in comfortable casual clothes, smile brightly and give off a comfortable atmosphere.
In a space reminiscent of a camping ground in the city, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae are looking at the camera and gesturing as if to follow them, stimulating fans’ curiosity.

Guitar and cozy lighting in the tent accentuate camping sensibilities, and cute illustrations such as bonfires and trees are placed in every corner of the poster, drawing attention.

This fan meeting is a closing concert for the first half of the year of “Playheelisto,” and will be held in a variety of configurations, ranging from the popular section of “The Night of Story,” where Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae ask fans the opposite questions, and time to listen to the best songs selected by fans out of 130 recommendations.

The concert, designed with the concept of going camping with fans, will be held safely and non-face-to-face to be with more fans, and will give fans an unforgettable time with abundant contents.

Fans are cheering with comments such as “Although it’s an online concert, I’m already excited” and “I’m really looking forward to camping with Kim Hee-jae and Lee Chan-won.”

In addition, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae will hold a voting event for “Changing Hit Song” on the Miss & Mr. Lot app from the 15th and give gifts through a lottery.

Meanwhile, the online camping concert, hosted by Tizo C&C Co., Ltd. and organized by LG U+, will be broadcast live nationwide on U+ Idol Live, U+TV, and U+ mobile TV at 7 p.m. on July 9, with detailed information and events to be released later.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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