‘Morning Yard’ Choi Jung-woo “I lost my nest and had aphasia… theater changed me”

Choi Jung-woo said he treated aphasia with a play.

In KBS1’s “Morning Yard,” which aired on the 15th, Choi Jung-woo and Park Joon-geum, who are working together in the daily drama “Dreams of Falling for Falling,” appeared as guests.

Choi Jung-woo started the play as a treatment when he was in high school, saying, “I lived well and collapsed at some point, so I lived with my grandmother on the top of the mountain.” “The homeroom teacher was a friend of my mother.” At a young age, I suffered from depression and panic disorder. “That’s why I started the play because I wanted to try it,” he said. “I started the play for psychotherapy.”

Choi Jung-woo lost his home and got aphasia. “My business went out of business, so I went up the mountain and had a hard time,” he said. “I used to live in the middle of downtown Seoul. I don’t know if it was okay because I was old, but I enjoyed it as a teenager and it all disappeared. It took me 40 minutes to climb the mountain and it was hard to overcome.”

“So one play at a time transformed me into a play. Cold winds blew in their 30s and 40s. I didn’t give people a side. “It was the play and the acting that changed me.”

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

Photo|KBS Broadcast Screen Capture
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