‘Shark’ Kim Min-seok “Many real hitting action, I’ve grown in strength”

‘Shark: The Beginning’ Kim Min-seok mentioned the real hitting action.

On the 15th, an online production presentation of TVING’s original movie ‘Shark: The Beginning’ (hereinafter referred to as Shark) was held. Director Chae Yeo-joon and actor Kim Min-seok, Wi Ha-jun, and Jeong Won-chang attended.

Kim Min-seok said, “Our action doesn’t have a long production period. It was psychologically difficult to memorize the hap and not get hurt. I was in the right position, so I had to endure it.”

He continued, “The cartoon technique made people invisible to be fakes in the film. We have a lot of real damage. If you look at other overseas actions, there is a lot of action beyond the cut cut. The director tried to show it in a really realistic take. suffered a lot My strength has also grown.”

Kim Min-seok also said, “I exercised while dieting. “I made it obvious” and “The body doesn’t lie. I ate well, exercised a lot, and slept well.”

Based on the webtoon of the same name, TVING’s original movie ‘Shark: The Beginning’ is about a bullying victim Cha Woo-sol (Kim Min-seok) imprisoned in a juvenile prison due to an unexpected accident, meeting martial arts champion Jeong Do-hyeon (Wi Ha-jun) and breaking his limits one by one. Outgoing depicts a real survival action. TVING released on the 17th.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]
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