‘Don’t Touch Me’ KCM “I witnessed an affair of my ex-girlfriend… I couldn’t say anything”

Singer KCM said he witnessed a big betrayal of his girlfriend in his early 20s.

On the 16th, a video of broadcaster Ji Sang-ryul and singer KCM appearing as guests was pre-released on tvN STORY entertainment show “Don’t Touch Me.”

In the video, KCM introduced his story, calling it a “movie-like story.” “I was in my early twenties,” he said. Usually, when men and women fight, they don’t contact each other for two to three days. “If you don’t contact me, who contacts me first is fighting for pride.”

“There’s a feeling that people have,” KCM said. It was 3~4 days before I got in touch, but I couldn’t get a call from my girlfriend even after a week. “I thought it was weird, so I went to my house. MC Song Eun-yi stared at KCM with a worried look, saying, “I didn’t feel good.”

KCM said, “I rang the bell and a man came out of the door. My ex-girlfriend was sitting in a big dress. I think I’ll be angry and upset when I see the situation, but I’ll rather avoid my seat in embarrassment,” he said, adding that he closed the door without saying anything.

When MC Jang Young-ran asked her girlfriend’s reaction, KCM said, “I was surprised and stopped. When I went down, my girlfriend followed me.” When MC Oh Yoon-ah was angry, saying, “What did you do well?” KCM added, “My ex-girlfriend said, ‘It’s not what you think it is,'” making a ridiculous excuse, drawing anger from the cast.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything and went home. We broke up like this,” he said with a wry smile.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

Photoㅣ Captured from tvN STORY ‘Don’t Touch Me’

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