‘HARD HIT’ Cho Woo-jin “I’m glad the car chasing challenge ended without an accident”

Cho Woo-jin of “HARD HIT” expressed his feelings about challenging car-chasing.

On the afternoon of the 16th, a preview and press conference of the movie “HARD HIT” were held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Seoul. Director Kim Chang-joo and actor Cho Woo-jin attended.

Cho Woo-jin said, “When I first heard the story, I was surprised to see the scenario, but when I asked about the design, it was reckless and an action I’ve never tried before. The same goes for me. He had to digest a lot of lines while stepping on the speed while breaking through control. There was a dangerous situation. It was done by controlling them and exercising combat power.”

“It was like a military operation. Control personnel were needed for each block in each alley, and the PD went through the process of running when he climbed to the top of the highest and lowered the final confirmation. I’m glad it ended without an accident, and I’m grateful. It was a new challenge,” he added.

“HARD HIT” is a downtown chase thriller in which the bank center manager Sung-kyu (Cho Woo-jin) receives a mysterious call to mark the number of calls that “the bomb explodes as soon as he gets off the car” on his way to school. It will be released on the 23rd.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]
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