In the current situation of COVID-19, come and play with the good and delicious entertainment ‘Online Market’ [General]

A good entertainment show that connects local people and viewers who are groaning due to the prolonged Covid-19 with “online” will return to viewers. It is called the online marketplace.

On the morning of the 16th, an online production presentation for KBS2’s new entertainment program “Online MARKET” (directed by Sohn Ja-yeon) was held.

“Online Market” is an entertainment program called “Good Consumption Recommendation” that introduces excellent agricultural and fishery products and directly connects with consumers through live commerce to help them sell them, and made its first impression on the small screen with a pilot program in September last year.

Producer Son Ja-yeon, who is in charge of directing, said, “Online Market will be designed to reflect the reality of Covid-19. If you think about how your weekend life was before the outbreak of Covid-19, you may have traveled to various regions every weekend to buy local specialties, but it disappeared after Covid-19, and you are having a hard time in the region. We can’t go there in person, but we wanted to create an opportunity to deliver those experiences on TV over the Internet.”

Jang Yoon-jung, ‘Online Marketplace’. Provided by KBS

Jang Yoon-jung, Ahn Jung-hwan, Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Dong-hyun will play as regular MCs, and a new guest will add vitality every week. On this day, Jang Yoon-jung introduced herself as an MC and a sales helper to help sell agricultural products, saying, “I am trying to show you the way I showed you at the event.”

Ahn Jung-hwan said, “It is the same role as Jang Yoon-jung and a leader of action. “We are taking the lead in promoting our agricultural products,” he said. “I don’t really like going far, but I have to go far to find specialties,” he said. But it’s nice to think that we’re going to save the area. “I have a sense of responsibility and I think I should work harder.

As for receiving a number of love calls from cooking-related programs such as “Please Take Care of the Refrigerator” and “National Bang Cook Cook,” he said, “I don’t know, but many cooking-related programs call me. Since I worked out, I think he knows health food well and knows what to do with food, so he seems to be looking for me. “I’m not good at anything, but I’m grateful that you found it.”

Ahn Jung-hwan from ‘Online Market’. Provided by KBS

Hong Hyun-hee introduced herself as “Online MARKET” by saying, “I am sad that there is no local market, but I am playing a role to add excitement.”

She also expressed his feelings about his debut as a regular MC for KBS through “Online MARKETTER.” Hong Hyun-hee said, “Thank you so much. “In fact, I will do my best to play a role that I can play in a good entertainment show rather than feeling like an MC.”

In the meantime, Hong Hyun-hee said, “I have experience of ordering sweet potato sold out in my father-in-law’s field.” “I will go down everywhere with that precious experience and work hard with a daughter-in-law-like mind and a heart that sells everything.”

Hong Hyeon-hee from Online Market’. Provided by KBS

Kim Dong-hyun said, “I ate Korean agricultural products and went out to the world as a fighter. I have felt with my body how strong and healthy our agricultural products can be,” he said, expressing his strong desire for sales.

Prior to the regular programming, at a time when there are more programs that directly connect programs with mountainous areas such as “Mannam’s Square,” what is the point of differentiation only for the “online

market”? Producer Sohn said, “I know that in the case of a specific program, it was not the same intention as ours, and I know that it gradually went in that direction.”

Producer Son said, “When we planned the program since last spring, it was when the situation of Corona getting worse and farmers’ difficulties were felt, and I thought about the connection with Live Commerce.” What was the live commerce when I first proposed it? “I did, but live commerce has become too active in just six months,” he said, introducing the rapidly changing environmental factors in the Covid-19 situation.

‘Online Market’ Kim Dong-hyun. Provided by KBS

Producer Son said, “We are with local farmers, so farmers who don’t know the online market yet have more access to it through us,” adding, “We have certain foods or recipes, but it’s a program that contains local residents, good places, and delicious things at once.”

Producer Son also added, “I think it will be fun to watch because it contains competition, not fierce competition, to sell even one more local agricultural product and introduce more.”

Hong Hyunhee answered the MC’s request to promote the program in five letters. “Save the farmers and save us,” he said, making everyone admire. Kim Dong-hyun drew laughter by giving a fighter-like answer, saying, “How to be strong.”

At the end of the production presentation, producer Son said, “Online Market is a program that I want to buy, but I am also trying to make it entertaining in entertainment.” There may be concerns, but cool and fun people come out just by looking at the MCs and fill the program. I hope you enjoy the show.

The cast of ‘Online Market’. Provided by KBS

‘Online Market’ will be broadcasted for the first time on the 16th. Broadcast every Wednesday at 9:30 PM.

[Reporter Park Se-yeon Star Today]

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