Kim Min-kyung encourages viewers to watch ‘Goal Girl’ “Are you going to support the Gavengers?”

Comedian Kim Min-kyung encouraged the viewing of ‘Goal Girl’.

On the 16th, Kim Min-kyung posted on her Instagram, “It’s finally starting! The challenge of the Gavengers begins tonight at 9pm! I really did my best to prepare. I hope you laugh and cry and have fun together. Will you support our Gavengers? Let’s become the best!!!” along with a picture.

In the published photo, Kim Min-kyung is sitting in the locker room and staring at the camera with a bright smile. In front of the yellow Gavengers jersey with the name of Kim Min-kyung, he is sitting slightly and smiling with a cute smile.

Netizens who saw this commented, “The two hands and two feet together are a killer! Fighting!”, “Why are you so cute? That’s cool, sister. I will definitely watch the live broadcast today.”

The SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Girl’, starring Kim Min-kyung, is a soccer entertainment that is created by the women who are serious about soccer and the legendary Taegeuk warriors of Korea. Kim Min-kyung belonged to the FC Gavengers team.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photo|Kim Min-kyung SNS

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