‘So Not Worth It’ Park Se-wan “Part-time king character… Please immerse yourself in me”

Park Se-wan introduced her character, “So Not Worth It.”

At 11 a.m. on the 16th, the production presentation of the Netflix series “I Wish the Earth Would Go Down Tomorrow” (directed by Kwon Ik-joon, Kim Jung-sik) was broadcast live. Actor Park Se-wan, Shin Hyun-seung, Choi Young-jae (GOT7), Minnie (G)I-dle, Han Hyun-min, Joachim Sorensen, Carson and Terry Brown attended the production presentation online due to the COVID-19.

Park Se-wan said, “I played Se-wan.
I’m in charge of the dormitory assistant. He is a part-timer who works part-time. I don’t know how many. “I hope the earth goes down tomorrow,” he said.

“I’m giving a discount to a friend with a fine, and I saw him in cash from behind, and he’s pretty good,” she said.

Park said before the release on Netflix. “I hope you’ll be immersed in it,” she said, drawing laughter.

“So Not Worth It” is a youth sitcom that captures the love, friendship and laughter of international dormitory students who live a day without an answer today. It will be unveiled for the first time on the 18th.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

Photo|Netflix video capture
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