‘Afternoon Hope’ Kim Won-hyo “WEi is doing so well, I want to invest to the boy band”

Daviture Kim Won-hyo praised WEi.

MBC FM4U’s “Afternoon Hope, Kim Shin-young,” which aired on the 17th, featured group WEi’s Kim Yo-han, Jang Dae-hyun, Daviture Kim Won-hyo and Lee Sang-hoon as guests.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young asked Wei, “This album is like a buffet, what does this mean?” “I said that because I wanted to show you various charms like a buffet,” said Kim Yo-han.

Kim Won-hyo said, “We are good at this. I want to invest in WEi.” Lee Sang-hoon said, “Stop spending money. What’s wrong with me when I already have an agency?” he said, drawing a stern laugh.

Jang Dae-hyun of WEi introduced the new song, saying, “This album means that we will find a new day in the future.” Jang Dae-hyun and Kim Yo-han showed off their perfect chemistry by singing their new song “Bye Bye Bye.”

Kim Won-hyo complained, “I’m so compared to you because you came out with Wei.”

Meanwhile, WEi released its third mini-album “IDENTITY: Action” on the 9th. The title track “Bye bye bye” is a song that features a refreshing and cool beat and addictive hook melody.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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