Dal Shabet Seri, today (17th) release the sweet love song ‘Hunger Love’


Girl group Dal Shabet’s member Seri releases a new song ‘Hunger Love’ full of retro sensibility.

KNOB SOUND side said, “Dal Shabet Seri, who has been working steadily with solo albums such as ‘Come To Me’ and ‘When You Call’ last year, will release ‘Love Hunger’ in the city pop genre at 6 pm on the 17th.”

The new song ‘Love Hunger’ is an album produced by SSJ, written and composed by Ritsu, who is a singer-songwriter working between indie and major, and has a unique theme of ‘Hunger’, which shows cute confidence that you can not love me. it’s a love song In particular, it is said that Seri participated in writing the lyrics for this song and had fun working on it.

The production company, KNOB SOUND, is a Music Production with SSJ and engineer Heo Chan-gu as the main actors, session man and indie artist.

Meanwhile, Seri’s new song ‘Hunger Love’ can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on the 17th.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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