‘Funstaurant’ Lee Kyung-gyu “Park Jung-ah’s daughter, Ah-yoon, is a proud baby who knows broadcasting well”

Park Jung-ah, a “Funstaurant,” was moved by her 25-month-old filial daughter, Ah-yoon. KBS2’s “Funstaurant”, which will air on the 18th, will reveal the results of the 27th menu competition under the theme of “Dumpling.” Among them, Park Jung-ah, a real parenting mom who returned to “Funstaurant” after four months, will present the final menu of “Dumpling” that can be eaten with her 25-month-old daughter Ayun, an eating show genius and a language genius.

Park Jung-ah in the VCR released on this day appeared dressed up as usual, causing curiosity. It turned out that Park Jung-ah invited mothers and children from the postpartum care center to her house. It is said that the three mothers, who became close by sharing the process of childbirth and childcare, and the three children who grew up as friends since birth, continued to laugh at Park Jung-ah’s house.

In response, Park Jung-ah began cooking for hungry children. At the same time, Ah-yoon spent time with her friends in the room. As babies of 25 months of age gathered, the children quickly lost their mothers’ souls. The children continued to burst into tears while playing together. In the meantime, Ayun willingly gave up her toys for her friends, apologized sincerely to her upset friend, and approached her friends first with her unique affinity.

All the family members of “Funstaurant” who saw Ayun in the VCR poured out compliments. However, the person who was most moved was his mother, Park Jung-ah. Park Jung-ah said, “I didn’t know much about Ayun’s tendency when I was with my friends, but I’m touched to see her like this.” At that time, entertainment godfather Lee Kyung-kyu gave Lee Kyung-kyu a compliment about Ayun, saying, “I am proud of her, and I know the broadcast well,” making the studio a sea of laughter.

In the previous broadcast, Ayun drew hot topics among many mother viewers as she was unbelievably picky about 25 months, playing well alone while her mother was cooking, and even organizing pens herself. The response of the proud online aunt and uncles, such as “Ah-yoon is more mature than I am 25 years old,” “Ayun for the second time in my life,” and “Ah-yoon, a 25-month-old filial daughter.”

What kind of satisfaction will Ah-yoon, a 25-month-old filial daughter, bring to viewers? The story of cutie Ayun and multi-cooking master mother Park Jung-ah can be found at “Funstaurant”, which will air at 9:40 p.m. on the 18th.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]


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