‘Goal Girl’ Park Seon-young, equalizing goal after a fierce battle… The best one-minute protagonist

As the cool “Goal Girl” exploded from the first episode, the ratings also topped the list in the same time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, SBS’ new entertainment program “Goal Girl” aired on the 16th had a 6.1% viewer rating (based on the second part of the metropolitan area), ranking first in the same time program ratings except for news, as well as overall terrestrial demand entertainment. The 2049 target audience rating, which is an indicator of popularity and competitiveness, also recorded 2.5% (based on the second part of the metropolitan area). In particular, Park Sun-young, the ace of “Fire Moth” created after a breathtaking close race, saw the highest ratings soar to 6.8%, creating thrilling tension.

As the regular league began on the day, the players were more determined and determined than last season. In particular, Han Hye-jin, captain of the last-place team last season, said, “This season’s goal is to win one for now. “There is no tomorrow for the last one,” he said, urging his teammates to play with determination to “think of dying.”

“Since last season, I have fallen in love with soccer,” said Han Chae-ah of the Korea National University Family. “That’s why I started playing soccer with my mother,” he said. On top of that, Shim Ha-eun, Lee Chun-soo’s wife, also drew laughter by saying, “I created a soccer team called ‘Eum Cheong-ra FC’ in my neighborhood. Even the surrounding women’s and women’s associations are showing interest.”

At the opening ceremony, two new teams, “World Class” and “Actionista,” were added following the existing four teams, raising questions. Above all, players who wanted to avoid facing the winner of last season’s “Fire Moth” had the highest tension of all time, saying, “We must avoid the death group unconditionally.” In Group A, the fire moth, World Class, and the Gavengers were selected, and in Group B, they were selected with sighs and sighs.

“Fire Moth” and “World Class” opened their doors for the first game of the opening game. Choi Jin-cheol, who suffered from the team’s replacement as the last team manager last season, said, “Our goal is to catch fire moths,” citing the secret weapon Saori as the No. 1 treasure of the World Class. Park Sun-young, captain of Fire Moth, also showed confidence, saying, “I’m worried that World Class is different from us, but we’ve prepared hard in our own way.”

When the game began in earnest, he showed close performance from the kick-off. As the World Class, which had been hidden by the veil, was revealed, all other team players said, “World Class is tough.” “I’m really good at this.” In particular, “World Class” Saori surprised both the positioning and kick skills.

After a fierce battle, Jo Hana of the “Fire Moth” scored a goal with a set play, but the referee immediately declared handball and became an ungoal. When the opportunity came to World Class, Saori shook the net with an instep kick and became the main character of the first goal. Bae Sung-jae and Lee Soo-geun were surprised, saying, “An extraordinary event was born before the opening.”

The fire moth’s fighting spirit began to burn when the World Class’ first goal broke out in a tight race that was different from expected. “I lit a moth on fire,” said Kim Min-kyung of the Gavengers, who was watching the game. It’s oiled,” he said, leaving even the players sitting in the stands sweating.

Park Sun-young tried to shoot the game, which disappeared with laughter, but World Class’ solid defense was formidable. However, as a result of repeated challenges, Park Sun-young scored an equalizer in an instant with brilliant individual skills. It was also a picturesque equalizer like the ace of fire moths. In response, Lee Soo-geun exclaimed at Park Sun-young, saying, “What a different class.” The scene soared to 6.8 percent, marking the highest one minute.

The “Goal Girl” is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 p.m., which has made me wonder who will be the winner in the first game of the opening game.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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