‘How Do You Play?’ MSG Wannabe, wins after the broadcast “Advertising shooting → Elk”

The recent status of MSG Wannabe has been revealed.

On the afternoon of the 17th, MBC entertainment show How Do You Play?’ spoiler live was conducted on the YouTube channel.

On this day, Yoo asked how the members were doing. “I’m going to film a drama,” said Kim said. “I have been a radio DJ in the morning since July,” he said, drawing attention was drawn.

Lee Dong-hwi was congratulated for saying that he filmed an insurance advertisement. Lee Dong-hwi said, “I filmed it at my brother’s parents’ house. “When I asked because Naul’s painting was hanging, it was a shop my father runs.”

Lee Sang-yi is raising an elk. Lee Sang-yi drew laughter by saying, “A baby elk appeared at my parents’ house and now my mother is feeding me elk milk.” He added, “I’m going to start a new drama.” Lee Sang-yi’s mother announced in the comments that she was watching the live broadcast, and fans responded by posting comments such as “I’m your  daughter-in-law” and “I can raise an elk.”

Simon Dominic said, “I have signed three contracts for advertisements,” adding, “I am going from strength to strength.” In response, Ji Seok-jin said, “I want to take a picture, too,” and expressed her sincere envy, drawing laughter.

[Kim So-yeon, Star Today reporter]

photo| MBC youtube screen capture
[ⓒmottokorea All rights reserved]

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