Jeon Ji-hyeon’s ‘Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ teaser poster released… the beginning of death

Netflix has released the second teaser poster for ‘Kingdom: Ashinjeon’.

‘Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ (hereinafter ‘Kingdom’) has released the 2nd teaser poster. ‘Kingdom’ is a special episode of the ‘Kingdom’ series that tells the story of Saengsacho and Ashin, the beginning of the great tragedy that covered Joseon.

The second teaser poster that was released draws attention with Ashin’s strong back as an adult. Ashin, facing the cavalry alone with a bow in the broad plain of the cold northern part of the country, amplifies curiosity just by looking at the back surrounded by black smoke and flames. What kind of vortex of fate came upon the young Ashin, who discovered the life and death plants that bring the dead back to life. The copy of “Ashin, the beginning of death” also gives rise to abundant speculation about Ashin’s warriors who are entangled in the starting point that drove Joseon into fear of the plague.

If ‘Kingdom’ seasons 1 and 2 dealt with the tragedy of the plague that spread like wildfire in the south of Joseon, ‘Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ deals with the story and origin of the first found in the north of the wild and unfamiliar background and migration. It makes you look forward to a huge story that will unfold anew in the time zone of

‘Kingdom: Asinjeon’, which will reveal the origin of life and death and the secret of Ashin at the center, will be released only on Netflix on July 23rd.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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