King Doo-han Ahn Jae-mo vs. Julien Kang, the number one fist in the entertainment industry (‘Yain Is Back’)

“King Doo-han” Ahn Jae-mo, who conquered Joseon with one fist, and Julien Kang, one of the top celebrities in the fist, will face off at “Yain Is Back.”

Kakao TV’s original “Yain Is Bag,” which will be released every Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m., is a 2021 version of the movie that Ahn Jae-mo transformed into a King Doo-han, who enjoyed national popularity in the early 2000s and plays with his real fan Lee Jin-ho. In addition to Ahn Jae-mo, who has been immersed in the king-doo universe, wildlings who have dominated Korea in the past, including “Double Knives” Park Joon-kyu, “Moon Young-chul” Jang Se-jin and “Park In-ae” Jung So-young, are all in the spotlight for each episode.

In the episode, which will be released at 8 p.m. on the 17th, King Doo-han, who was reminiscing about the past of killing various villains and dominating the floor of Jongno, will break the gym seal and compete with Julien Kang, the representative “shoulder gangster” in the entertainment industry.
Julien Kang, who was in the middle of an exercise, was puzzled when a group of King Doo-han crew dressed in a fedora and a coat that didn’t belong to the gym, asked King Doo-han, “Are you a gangster or an actor?” causing laughter.

Julien Kang, who boasts tremendous power among wildlings, and King Doo-han’s confrontation, which causes a “pupil shaking” in his appearance, stimulates laughter. Julien Kang, who was looking at King Doo-han, who was giving him a challenge, rather suggested a physical fitness test, worrying about his injury, and started breaking watermelons with his bare hands. The Julien River shocked everyone at the scene by putting watermelons between their forearms and breaking them into pieces without any tools.

As even King Doo-han, who confidently applied for the confrontation, recoiled at his formidable destructive power, questions are mounting over how King Doo-han will be able to overcome the biggest crisis in the history of Wild Is Back.

In addition, new members come to the King Dohan crew, which is expanding its influence, leading to the joining of new comrades such as dynamic duo Gaeko as well as wildlings who enjoyed an era in the past. It is none other than the popular producer Code Kunst who came to King Doo-han asking for help as a comrade.

King Doo-han dissuades his seemingly weak appearance, saying, “Do you know how tough the organizational world is?” In response, Code Kunst appealed, “It was famous for its bone fist in Incheon,” drawing attention to whether he can join the King Doo-han crew. Moreover, Code Kunst, who discovered the dynamic duo Gaeko dressed as a beggar village “Gaeko,” cannot help but laugh at the unique transformation of Gaeko, a hip-hop senior, and will make people laugh with his unpredictable tiki-taka.

Kakao TV’s original entertainment show “Yain Is Bag,” which contains episodes full of saltyness in King Doo-han’s performance, will be produced in about 15 minutes each and will be released on Kakao TV every Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m. Additional videos of King Doo-han’s performance, including Lee Jin-ho, will also be released on YouTube channel “King Doo-han TV.”

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

Photo courtesy of Kakao TV
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