Rookie Kim Jae-won, exclusive contract with Mystic Story…”Infinite potential”

Rookie Kim Jae-won signed an exclusive contract with Mystic Story.

Mystic Story said on the 17th, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Kim Jae-won, a rookie with infinite potential. At the same time, I was cast in the web drama ‘After Romance’.”

From this day on, the web drama ‘After Romance’, released every Thursday at 8 pm on the YouTube channel ‘Chin Ending’, is a quirky and provocative secret romance. It deals with the story of unfolding a play of revenge while hiding his identity.

Kim Jae-won takes on the role of Jeong Ma-ro, who is the male protagonist in the play and has a straightforward and dang-mi at the same time, leading the play with his striking charm.

Kim Jae-won, who will perform his acting activities in earnest through ‘After Romance’, is already attracting a lot of attention as he has already distinguished himself through numerous advertisements and modeling activities with his tall proportions and warm visuals that catch the eye.

Mystic Story is a comprehensive entertainment company that creates content in various fields such as music, broadcasting, and movies. Many belong to

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

Photo courtesy of Mystic Story
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