SG Wannabe Kim Yong-jun talked about part distribution… “I’m not sad” (‘Radio Star’)

Group SG Wannabe Kim Yong-jun revealed about the distribution of parts.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 16th, DJ DOC Jae-yong Jung, Shinhwa Kim Dong-wan, Koyote Shinji, and SG Wannabe Kim Yong-jun appeared as guests.

On this day, Kim Yong-jun said, “I’ve never had any complaints about the lack of parts in SG Wannabe’s songs.”

Kim Yong-jun said, “In the 1-4 albums, Kim Jin-ho’s part was more than 5 out of 10,” he said honestly, “The rest of the parts were done by the members. I had few parts since my debut.” “There are songs in the first album that don’t have my part,” he said.

Among the songs on the 1st album, there were 4 songs without Kim Yong-jun’s part, including the title song ‘Timeless’.

Regarding this, Kim Yong-jun showed a mature appearance by replying, “I’m not sad. If I was sad, it wouldn’t have been this long.” He said, “I thought of sacrificing cattle for a cause.”

[Kim So-yeon, Star Today reporter]

photo| MBC broadcast screen capture
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