1st place on ‘A Quiet Place 2’… ‘Whispering Corridors 6’ starts at 4th place [MK Box Office]

Photo| ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Poster

The movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’ maintained the top spot at the box office for the second day.

According to the Korean Film Council cinema ticket integrated computer network on the 18th, the movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’ (director John Krasinski) on the 17th took the first place in the box office with 4827 people in one day on the 17th. The cumulative number of spectators was 108,030.

‘A Quiet Place 2’ is a suspense thriller that depicts the story of a family who fights against a bigger crisis to survive in a world where daily life is lost due to an unknown monster attack, and in an extreme situation where people die when they make a sound.

In second place was the Disney movie ‘Cruella’ starring Emma Stone (director Craig Gillespie). In one day, 23,413 people were gathered. The cumulative audience is 1,062,755.

In third place was the Disney/Pixar animation ‘Luca’ (directed by Enrico Casarossa), which was released on the same day. It mobilized 16,908 people and recorded a cumulative audience of 17,575.

4th place was occupied by ‘Whispering Corridors’ (Director Lee Mi-young), which was released on the same day. With 16,109 people, the cumulative number of spectators is 16,956. Actors Kim Seo-hyeong and Kim Hyeon-soo appeared in the ‘Girls’ High School Ghost Story’ series that returned after 12 years.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]
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