Cho Jung-seok → Jeon Mi-do in ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ reveals behind-the-scenes stills of a pleasant scene

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist Season 2” (directed by Shin Won-ho, screenplay by Lee Woo-jung, planned tvN, and produced by Eggscoming) has released a behind-the-scenes still showing the actors’ friendly atmosphere.

The behind-the-scenes still released draws attention as the warm atmosphere of the actors, who are happy just by being together, is felt intact. First of all, Cho Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, and Kim Dae-myung, who huddled together outside the camera, show off their strong chemistry. On the other hand, Jeon Mi-do and Cho Jung-seok’s pleasant smile, which brightens even the surroundings, catch the eye.

Also, Yoo Yeon-seok and Shin Hyun-bin, who just started dating, make viewers happy. Finally, the similarity between Jung Kyung-ho and Jung Moon-sung, who check the monitor side by side, creates warmth.

Like this, the actors of “Hospital Playlist Season 2” are working with fantastic chemistry inside and outside the camera to increase the perfection of the play. In particular, the behind-the-scenes stills of actors who keep smiling every moment raise expectations for the drama.

Meanwhile, “Hospital Playlist Season 2” is a drama about the chemistry between people who live ordinary and special days at a hospital called a miniature of life where someone is born and someone ends their life, and friends who are 20 years old. It is broadcast every Thursday night at 9 p.m., and the second episode is broadcast at 9 p.m. on the 24th.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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