Cho Soo-ae, stop ground rumors about estranged relationship with her husband… Husband and son two-shot released

Former announcer Cho Soo-ae, who was embroiled in rumors of divorce, told about her marriage.

Cho Soo-ae posted a picture of her husband Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, and her son playing together on her Instagram on the 17th.

She covered her son’s face with a heart emoticon, but revealed her husband’s lovely eyes.

In particular, Cho Soo-ae’s account is written along with a camera emoticon, so Cho Soo-ae is believed to have taken the picture.

Park Seo-won and Cho Soo-ae met for the first time at a baseball stadium in the past and later developed into lovers. She has a son since her wedding in December 2018.

Since their marriage, the two have not hidden their affection for each other by releasing wedding photos, honeymoon and dating photos on SNS, but Cho Soo-ae was caught following Park Seo-won’s account last year and was embroiled in rumors of discord.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]

PhotoㅣJo Soo-ae’s SNS
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