‘Imitation’ Jung Ji-so, Lee Joon-young visit → Oh fever… Will romance begin?

In “Imitation,” Jung Ji-so is seen shedding tears in front of Lee Joon-young, who is in a coma, drawing attention.

KBS2 Friday drama “Imitation” (writer Kim Min-jung Choi Sun-young, director Han Hyun-hee) is drawing attention by releasing two mournful photos of Jung Ji-so (Ma-ha) and Lee Joon-young (power role) ahead of today’s broadcast (18th).

In the last broadcast, Ma-ha witnessed a power accident in front of her eyes while filming, and she was in great shock, exploding curiosity about future developments.

In a related still cut, Jung Ji-so was seen visiting Lee Joon-young.
Jung Ji-so is shedding tears at Lee Joon-young, who is lying unconscious, causing sadness. Jung Ji-so looks devastated as if he can’t believe Lee Jun-young, who was always strong and confident in front of him, is lying down helplessly. As a result, it raises questions about whether Lee Joon-young will be able to come to consciousness amid sincere concerns from Jung Ji-so.

Most of all, the two grew their hearts toward each other, but they were forced to move away due to their job as idols who received the attention of fans.
In particular, Jung Ji-so, who wanted to break off his relationship with Lee Joon-young due to concerns over the members who endured the difficult times, ran to him without measuring back and forth when Lee Joon-young had an accident. This raises expectations for how the relationship between the two will change in the wake of Jung Ji-so’s visit to the hospital, who began to reveal her mind.

The production team of “Imitation” said, “The relationship between the station and Lee Joon-young, which seems to be getting closer, has made many people anxious,” adding, “This accident will bring about a big change for the two.” “Please look forward to today’s broadcast.”

KBS2’s Friday drama ‘Imitation’ is an idol tribute book that supports all stars who dream of being real in line with the era of 1 million idol entertainment exams. It will air at 11:20 p.m. today.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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