Jang Young-ran, 62cm waist, anger at Jo Yi-hyun’s belly fat worry (‘For the rest of my life’)

Broadcaster Jang Young-ran was furious about Jo Yi-hyun’s belly fat concern.

In the SBS FIL entertainment program ‘For the rest of my life’ broadcast on the 17th, Jang Young-ran, Kim Seong-ryeong, Jo Yi-hyeon, Park Hyo-joo, and Kim Min-jung talked about their worries about getting older.

On this day, Jang Young-ran said, “As I get older, I don’t do that, but I get older. At one point, while I was cooking at home in shorts, I cheated on my husband, and the fat he grabbed was cellulite. At that time, I was really surprised.”

Jo Yi-hyun shared her concerns, saying that she sympathizes with the saying that the older you get, the more your belly builds up. However, previously, Jo Yi-hyun boasted a waist size of 62 cm and certified the ant waist.

At this, Kim Seong-ryeong was furious, saying, “You really… Jo Yi-hyun just said that you sympathize.” Jang Young-ran said, “Yi-hyun! Where are you sticking with your ant’s waist now? You have to be caught like this to live the night,” she said, making people laugh in anger.

Jo Yi-hyeon explained, “The really sad thing about me is that I have a thin waist, but my lower belly looks like a poop belly.” Jang Young-ran grabbed her stomach and added a laugh when she showed it to herself, saying, “This is what I call night-life.”

SBS FIL ‘For the rest of my life’ is a program that solves the problems of 4050s’ beautiful and healthy lifestyles by the younger sisters of the entertainment industry, and it is broadcast every Thursday at 11 PM.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photol SBS FIL ‘Forever’

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