Kim Hye-soo, ‘Wandering Eater’ commemorates the late Lim Ji-ho… Share a letter from director Park Hye-ryung

Actress Kim Hye-soo paid tribute to the late Lim Ji-ho, a “wandering eater.”

Kim Hye-soo posted on her Instagram on the 17th, saying, “Long time…”This is a post by director Park Hye-ryeong of #Bapjeong, a movie with the late teacher Lim Ji-ho,” she said, sharing the post by director Park Hye-ryeong.

Kim Hye-soo, the SBS current affairs education program ‘How to Eat Well and Live Well’, which ended in 2016. She made a connection with the late Lim Ji-ho through the show. The late cooking researcher Lim Ji-ho, who was called a wanderer, was known to the public through this program.

Director Park Hye-ryeong said, “I hesitated for a few days to say hello, but now I am deeply grateful.” “Thank you, everyone. Thank you to whom she mourned. “Our teacher was sincere in everything, whether talking, cooking, or meeting anyone. “I gave healing and comfort to many people through food, but you were the one who ate a cup noodle only after washing the dishes.”

“I’ve always been a good adult, a senior, a great friend who shares happy and sad things with me,” he said. Whenever I have a hard time, I miss what the teacher said to me. “When has it ever been easy for us to get there?” But you’ve done a good job! So don’t you mind!” she said, missing the late Lim Ji-ho.” Lastly, she said, “Thank you very much to everyone who was with me on your last path.”

The late Lim Ji-ho died of a heart attack on the morning of the 12th. 65 years old. After completing the funeral in memory of entertainment officials and acquaintances such as Kim Hye-soo and Kang Ho-dong, she was put to rest at Incheon Family Park.

The late Lim Ji-ho was loved as a “wandering eater” by using natural ingredients to showcase creative and healing dishes. MBN’s entertainment show “Wander Eater,” which ended in April, provided healing to stars and viewers with cooking. “Wander Eater” is said to have been preparing for the second half of this year, adding to the sadness.

<Next is the full text of director Park Hye-ryeong, shared by Kim Hye-soo>

It’s a post by Park Hye-ryeong, the director of #Bapjeong, which was the closest movie to the late teacher Lim Ji-ho.

I don’t know how to say hello. After a few days of hesitation, I am now deeply grateful. Thank you for everything.

You’re… you’re… you’re… Even when you’re talking…When you’re cooking…No matter who you meet…Everything… you meant it.

Food has healed and comforted many people, but…You’re actually… After washing the dishes, he had a cup noodle…

65 years old… not long, not short… You’ve been on a rough road, but you’ve always been a good adult and senior to me, and you’ve never been a good friend to share happy and sad things together.

I miss what the teacher said to me whenever I’m having a hard time today.
…when has it ever been easy for us to get there? But you’ve done a good job! So I say, “It’s okay!”

Thank you very much for being with me on your last path. Thanks to you, sir… I let you go so you wouldn’t feel lonely. Thank you… Thank you…

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

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