‘Meoseon 129’ Kang Ho-dong wins the first national competition…He will donate 1950 furniture from Ikea

Kang Ho-dong has won a scab match against Frederick Johansson, CEO of Swedish furniture brand IKEA.

In Kakao TV’s original web entertainment show “Meoseon 129,” which was released on the 17th, Kang Ho-dong competed with Korea CEO Frederick Johansson with pride as Kakao TV CSO (chief subscriber officer) and 1950 prizes for subscribers.

Before the full-fledged scabbing match, the team played a stool assembly game. The team that quickly assembles the stool decided to play first.
The nickname of Swedish grandmother and real Ikea real fans Song Min-ho and Park Eun-kyu’s rap manager faced off.

Park Eun-kyu, the rap manager, boasted his eight-year experience in stool assembly. Park Eun-kyu, the lap manager, won the game by putting the screws together in a stable manner.

On the other hand, Song Min-ho’s stool was not tightened properly, so his legs shook. Song Min-ho said, “I originally like rocking chairs. “It’s unstable if it’s hard,” he said with a big smile.

Frederick Johansson, a veteran of the game, expressed confidence in Kang Ho-dong, saying that he had mastered a scab in his hometown of Masan. However, Frederick’s ticket missed the ground and Kang Ho-dong laughed, saying, “Are you serious.

Kang Ho-dong, who became elated, shouted, “I’m challenging.”
Kang Ho-dong hit the ticket hard and Frederick Johansson passed it at once. Kang Ho-dong, who won, roared at the camera. Kang Ho-dong, who was happy, said, “It’s a mess!” and lifted Song Min-ho up and showed a spectacular performance.

As a result, Kang Ho-dong won 50 helmet drawers, 200 Solvinden lights, 50 Nessna beds, 50 gladom trays, 50 hoodies S/M and L/XL, 500 Knellig coin wallets and 1,000 Hey Twist ice cream, respectively.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Captured from Kakao TV’s ‘Meoseon 129’
[ⓒmottokorea All rights reserved]

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