Musical actor Kai selected as the main MC for ‘Fall In Love with Performance’

Musical actor Kai is selected as the curator and main MC of the performance-specialized curating TV program “Fall In Love with Performance” and visits viewers of the home room.

Kai’s main MC performance curating show “Fall In Love with Performance” is a program that curates everything from the hottest performances to the most popular performances, including plays, musicals, dance, Korean traditional music, ballet, concerts, and gag.

Kai said, “As a performance artist, it is very meaningful to be the MC of a program that provides quality information to performers who love performances or who are new to them. I will do my best to make more people fascinated by the genre of performance.”

Classical elite Kai, who completed his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in vocal music at Seoul National University, is loved by many fans for his solid singing skills and immersive acting, playing the title roles of large musical works such as “Phantom,” “Benher,” “Monte Cristo,” “Excalibur,” and “Werther.”
He is also expected to play as an MC because he has already been active in various fields such as theater, album, and radio DJ.

The first performance to be introduced in the performance curating show “Fall in Love with the Performance” is the musical “Phantom,” starring MC Kai. The musical “Phantom” is a work that shows the peak of stage art together with beautiful and classical music and colorful stages, touching stories of the audience, top musical actors, sopranos and prima ballerinas, and will be better told about the Phantom.

Meanwhile, the musical “Phantom,” which Kai plays as the title roll “Phantom,” is set to perform its last performance on the 27th and is being performed at the Charlotte Theater.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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