Na Hoon-ah to hold ‘Again Socrates’ concert in July and August

Na Hoon. Courtesy|Yeara Yesori

Big Bro Socrates, Na Hoon-ah is coming back.

According to her agency Yeara Yesori on the 18th, Na Hoon-ah will hold “Again Socrates” concerts in three cities, Daegu, Busan and Seoul, starting in July.

Yeara Yesori said, “He’s going to sing a song of hope to a stuffy world by twisting this corona by the collar, a world that has locked up even ordinary daily life. He’s going to sing my dream with all of us who are hurt. Please join us. Brother Tess – what’s wrong with the world!” announced the concert.

The Na Hoon-ah concert will begin with a three-day performance at the Daegu EXCO Donggwan from July 16 to 18. The tour will then be held at BEXCO Hall 1 in Busan from July 23 to 25, and at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul from August 27 to 29.

Na Hoon. Courtesy|Yeara Yesori

The reservation schedule for tickets has also been released. Ticket reservations for Daegu will begin at 10 a.m. on the 25th, and the opening date and time of Busan ticket reservations will be confirmed at 10 a.m. on the 29th. The Seoul concert also opened at 10 a.m. on July 14, heralding a fierce “picketing.”

Na Hoon-ah brought a national syndrome with her non-face-to-face concert “Korea Again Na Hoon-ah,” which aired on KBS2 during the Chuseok holiday last year. The new song “Big Bro Socrates” drew great sympathy by singing Socrates and lamenting what’s wrong with the world and why it’s so hard.

Na Hoon-ah was scheduled to hold a year-end performance “Socrates’s Jingle Bell Concert” in the same region in December last year, but postponed the performance without a promise due to the serious trend in the spread of Covid-19. At that time, Na Hoon-ah’s concert reservation proved her keen interest by selling out all the performances less than 10 minutes before the opening of the ticket, but the failure of the concert caused fans to feel sorry.

Therefore, the performance of “Again Socrates” is expected to be hotter than ever. In particular, Na Hoon-ah’s concert is drawing high expectations as she gave birth to the “Socrates” syndrome through “Na Hoon-ah, Korea,” which aired in September last year.

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