‘Showterview’ TWICE Jeongyeon “Tzuyu needs to learn social life”

Jeongyeon of girl group TWICE advised Tzuyu.

On the 17th, on the SBS YouTube ‘Mobidic’ channel’s web entertainment ‘Jessi’s Showterview’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Showterview’, TWICE came as a whole! A video titled “♥” has been released due to the charm of TWICE.

When MC Cho Jung-sik said in the video, “Jeong-yeon is called a mother among the members,” Jeong-yeon admitted. “She takes good care of me and cleans well,” Momo said. “She’s like a mother.

When MC Jesse asked Jeongyeon if there was a member who needed the most work, Jeongyeon picked Momo.

“Momo and I are roommates. Momo ripped off her clothes tag and left it on the floor without throwing it in the trash. I’ve been waiting to throw it away, but I haven’t thrown it away for two or three months.” Momo described it as vintage. When Cho Jung-sik helped, “I’ll sell it to the carrot market later,” Momo said, “I have a plan.”

When asked if she wanted to say anything candidly to the members, Jeongyeon said, “I want to say it to Tzuyu,” and added, “Tzuyu, you need to learn a little bit about social life.” “Tzuyu lacks economic ideas because she is a foreigner. “I want to learn those things.

When Jessie asked if Tzuyu was just spending money, Jeongyeon explained, “I don’t spend money recklessly.” Chae-young said, “I tend not to look into it well and buy it (the lowest price does not compare),” and added, “As an older sister, I am worried that it will be uncomfortable.” Heartwarming advice from TWICE members such as their own sister was smeared.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Capture of ‘Jesse’s Shorter View’ on YouTube
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