Cyworld BGM 2021 project, first song FREESTYLE ‘Y’

The first song of ‘Cyworld BGM 2021’ is unveiled.

On the 21st, Cyworld Jet and Superman CNM announced, “The first remake of ‘Cyworld BGM 2021’, Freestyle ‘Y’, will be released on online music sites before 6 pm on the 29th.”

Freestyle’s 3rd album title song ‘Y’, released in 2004, is a representative song that received a lot of love from Cyworld’s minihompy.

‘Y’, which is being remade this time, will be reinterpreted with a modern feel while stimulating memories of that time, providing a freshness different from the original. Curious about the singer of ‘Y’, who doesn’t, is increasing.

‘Cyworld BGM 2021’ is a project where singers of the MZ generation, favorite singers of the MZ generation, re-song the top 100 songs of all time by analyzing the BGM data of Cyworld, which caused the ‘mini hompage syndrome’ in the 2000s. Cyworld Jet, which is preparing to open Cyworld, previously announced that it had signed a co-production contract with Superman C&M and started the ‘Cyworld BGM 2021’ project.

In particular, as the first lineup, artists full of personality covering various genres such as Gaho, Gift, Daybreak, Soyou, Ailee, George, Punch, and Hwang Chi-yeol are taking off their veil and attracting great attention. With the recent retro craze continuing in the music market, many people are paying attention to the revival of Cyworld, which was one of the pillars of the music market in the 2000s, and the move of ‘Cyworld BGM 2021’.

Information on the singer of Freestyle ‘Y’ and the 2nd lineup of ‘Cyworld BGM 2021’ will be released sequentially at a later date.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

Photo courtesy of Cyworld Jet, Superman C&M
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