‘It would be great if you don’t fight’, 9 o’clock in the month schedule change… Ahn Jung-hwan re-sort [Official]

‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ changes the schedule to 9 PM on Mondays.

According to MBC, the entertainment program ‘It would be great if you don’t fight will be broadcast from today (21st) at 9 pm, 20 minutes earlier than before. ‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ is a program that deals with a self-sufficient life in which a best friend of the entertainment industry visits a natural person living alone in the extreme real wild.

On this day’s broadcast, Ahn Jung-hwan, who became a hot topic as ‘Hwangdo Youth President’, will visit Hwangdo again and provide powerful fun. Previously, Ahn Jung-hwan entered as the 2nd resident of the Hwangdo and showed off his unadorned life in the Yellow Age. In particular, he received the attention and love of viewers when he was appointed as the youth president by Hwangdo Lee. Ahn Jung-hwan, who lived in the sea full of seasoning, invited his best friends Choi Yong-soo, Heo Jae, and Hyun Joo-yeop to the Hwangdo and showed fantastic chemistry.

An official from ‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ added, “It will be revealed next month which member Ahn Jung-hwan and Hwangdo will revisit with.” He added, “Please look forward to the more powerful Hwangdo life.”

[Choi Ah-young, intern reporter at Maekyung.com]

Photo l MBC ‘I’m glad we don’t fight’

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