Lee Je-hoon, Established Management Companion [Official]

Actor Lee Je-hoon announced a new start by establishing Management Company.

The CompanyOn said on the 21st, “Actor Lee Je-hoon has established Management Company with his partners who will achieve his new dream.” “As an actor, I will do my best to play in various fields.

COMPANY ON has the meaning of ‘warm’, ‘on’ and ‘on’.
Considering the similarity to the pronunciation of “COMPANION,” which means accompanying, it also implies that it is a place where people with the same meaning gather and accompany.

Lee Je-hoon is an actor who has been fully supported and loved by the public and critics through a number of works, including “The Front Line”, “Architecture 101”, “Park Yeol,” “I Can Speak,” “Hunt Time,” “Signal” and “Where Stars Land” since he imprinted his presence as a movie “The Catcher” in 2011. Following SBS’ “Taxi Driver,” which recently ended in popularity, Netflix’s original series “Move to Heaven: I’m a Keep Organizer,” it has proved its potential once again.

Lee Je-hoon’s next move is drawing keen expectations. Hardcut, a film production company co-founded by Lee Je-hoon with CEO Kim Yoo-kyung and director Yang Kyung-mo, will produce and air the Watcha original series “Unframed” this year. “UnFramed” is a project in which actors Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon participated in the screenplay and production. This is why I am looking forward to his move to expand his spectrum as an artist, starting with film production and directing.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]


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